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Life in Symmetry

Why choose tacocat?


When a person has problems with their mental health and behaviour, they can get help from a clinical psychologist.

I'm a clinical psychologist that specialises in working with autistic people and people with disability, including intellectual, cognitive and psychosocial disability. 


I work with the person and their trusted others, to help them create a life that supports good mental health and is full of things that are valued and meaningful to them.

My service is based in Perth and is mobile. I travel to the person's home or preferred location. I work in ways that are tailored to each person's situation.

What does tacocat mean?


​I call my service tacocat because it’s a word that reads the same

 backwards as forwards. This gives it symmetry because it

reflects itself from a central point.

Symmetry can also be found in a person's life.

 This is in the reflection between a person's environment and their needs. If these do not fit together well, this can impact on a person's mental health and behaviour.


​The person's environment includes all the things around them such as their homes, places they visit, activities they do, and the people they connect with.


​The person's needs

include having a say in their life, understanding what's happening, belonging and feeling included, and feeling good within and about themselves and what

they are doing.


In my service, I work with people to help them create symmetry in their lives, and find a good balance with how well their life meets their needs.

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